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Sound Massage with Singing Bowls
What you'll need
5-10% discount on bowls purchased during seminar

Peter Hess® Sound Massage Levels III AND IV

The purpose of this training is for the participants to acquire abilities to apply sound massage for relaxation as well as learning to match the sound massage to the clients individual needs. The participants are being familiarized with new elements of sound massage, and experience full sound massage. The curriculum includes the sound massage for relaxation as well as application of sound massage with particular sickness symptoms. Part of the course is devoted to discussing the professional approach, safety of the treatment, understanding of the role of the masseur in relationship with the client, defining the limits of the sound massage and it’s legal implications.

Setup of the sound massage practice, advertising, ethics and other business issues.

Seminar is 1 evening + 4 full days, total of 32 course hours. 

Participants receive completion certificate.

This seminar is a prerequisite for certification as a PeterHess ® Sound Massage Practitioner.

Students are equipped with concepts, techniques, and perspective to use sound massage in a variety of settings. You may use the method as-is, or develop new applications according to your other professional training.

Course Objective

Advanced Practitioner Training. 

Sound massage of joints

Upon completing this level, participants receive a certificate of completion.

Course Description for Levels III and IV