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Gina weaves the Peter Hess Method into her practice as a massage therapist and as a teacher and mentor. She invokes the gentle power of the Peter Hess method for creating balance and well being with her massage clients and sound students. Gina also teaches classes throughout the University of Wisconsin higher educational system. Gina’s past studies include music therapy, massage therapy and business.

Gina Armstrong

Peter Hess® Method Instructor

Gina Armstrong is a Peter Hess Method practitioner and instructor based in Wisconsin, USA. She founded the awarding winning Balance on Buffalo in 2002, a wellness center in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. She hosts healing space through sound, massage, yoga and kirtan for all those whom enter. 

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Peter Hess® Sound Massage is used successfully by many professionals in the fields of education, counseling, therapy and medicine. The comprehensive training courses offered range from beginners to advanced to highly specialized training and reflect the many possibilities of how sound massage, sound methods, and singing bowls can be integrated into professional areas— ranging from childbirth to student counseling, relaxation to stress prevention, coaching and therapy all the way to accompaniment of death.

Sound Space Studio

Featuring Peter Hess® Sound Massage

Due to growing demand, Gina Armstrong opened the SoundSpace studio in 2021 to offer a dedicated space for practicing sound massage incorporating Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls and vibration enhancing sound clouds. 

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Gina Armstrong & Peter Hess

Peter Hess®

Sound Massage Academy USA

In 1984, the former physical technology engineer, Peter Hess, began to develop what today is referred to as the Peter Hess Sound Massage and Sound Methods. In his search for alternative healing methods, he traveled on more than one occasion to India, Nepal, and Tibet where he was  introduced to healing with sound. Investigations and experiments on the effect of traditional music on the human mind and body form the basis for sound massage. In the course of many years of practice he has adapted this knowledge to people in Western cultures. The result of this work is the Peter Hess-Sound Massage.

What Students are Saying

More powerful than imagined.

"The training was by far more powerful than I had ever imagined it would be. Personally I have cleared blockages from my heart and feel open and in touch with my truth. I am more confident and so blessed to be able to share the Peter Hess Sound Massage Method of less is more!"

Relaxed, Calm and comfortable atmosphere.

Very nice approach to enhance learning with multiple modalities utilized throughout the Level I training. Relaxed, Calm and comfortable atmosphere. Thoroughly enjoyed the class & Gina's welcoming presence and approach.

Very well taught!

"Well taught, from the Heart...Totally prepared, knowledgeable, relaxed, patient and thorough. Very well taught. Great Environment."

Let it Flow and Shine Our Light

"This Training is profound in the confirmation of techniques and being able to be in a professional "Real Setting", working as a practitioner. Giving us space to experience giving a sound concert instilled confidence to just "Let it Flow" and "Shine our Light"!


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